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The world is changing and it’s time the fitness industry caught up. With LEEP Fitness there’s no traveling to a gym, no membership fees, and no working on someone else’s schedule.

Just you and your fitness goals being obliterated one at a time. Sound good? Then click here to get started!

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    In-Home Training

    Personal training within the comfort and privacy of your own home. Learn more...

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    Online Training

    Comprehensive fitness plans that you can access anywhere, anytime. Learn more...

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    Partner and Small Group Training

    Workout alongside your spouse, friends, coworkers, or sworn enemies. Learn more...

What you want, baby we got it

  • No gyms, no hassle

    Stop traveling to a gym to work out when you can have a certified trainer come directly to YOU, then kick him out when you’re done.

  • Online everything

    Access your fitness plan at any time from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • Fully customized fitness plans

    Why settle for a cookie cutter fitness routine made for someone else? Build a plan that fits you and your goals, then go get ’em.

  • Constant contact, around-the-clock encouragement

    You’ll have access to your trainer through texts, emails, Skype, Facebook, or any other method your prefer to stay in contact and on track.

What makes LEEP Fitness different?

First of all, this awesome website. Other than that? Our services bring personal training into the 21st century.

Gone are the days of traditional gym workouts and leaving your fitness up to someone else. With LEEP Fitness, your goals are all within your control, and the path to get there is at your fingertips.

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Frequently asked questions

Lee is an ACE-certified personal trainer with 8+ years of experience with general fitness and strength training. He founded LEEP Fitness to help create a more effective method of delivering personal training services in a way that makes sense in today’s world.

Learn more about Lee here…

LEEP Fitness provides personal training services that are actually personal. Your program is designed to match your specific goals, and the combination of in-home and online training means that you decide when and how you want to work out (which ultimately leads to better adherence).
Great question! Head on over here to check out a more detailed list of the services offered by LEEP Fitness. There are many options available to you and whether you like working out alone or in groups, once a week or everyday, in the morning or in the evening, we will build a program that fits your needs.
This is completely up to you and your schedule. We recommend a minimum of one session per week, but many people find that two or three sessions a week helps them better stay on track. Whatever frequency you choose, you’ll still always have access to your trainer day and night.
Now we’re talking! The first step is to set up a consultation so we can sit down and discuss what your fitness goals are and how you can achieve them. The purpose of this meeting is for us to both come to a conclusion on what will be the absolute most effective way for you to reach your goals. So take the LEEP! Click here to schedule your free consultation!