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At LEEP Fitness, we’re all about options. That’s why we offer a downright smorgasbord of fitness and training plans. Scroll down to find the option that best fits you, then click the sign up button to get started.

Private Training

Private training consists of one-on-one sessions with your personal trainer. Simply schedule a time and your trainer will show up at your home ready for a one-hour workout session.

Choose private training if:

  • You want a fully personalized plan designed to meet your specific goals
  • You prefer one-on-one attention so the trainer’s focus is always on you and your workouts
  • You work out best on your own rather than with others

Small Group Training

Small group training combines the social environment of an exercise class and the individualized instruction from a one-on-one personal training session. Gather a group of 2 or more and motivate each other to reach your goals together as you sweat it out as a group.

Small group workouts are always fun as they often involve working together, using partners, and participating in fitness games that keep things interesting.

Choose small group training if:

  • You enjoy the social aspect of working out with friends
  • You find that working out with others motivates you to work harder
  • You want a fun, active environment at a lower cost than that of private training

Online Training

Online training consists of an individualized personal training plan that is accessible online from anywhere. The client is provided with with a calendar that outlines exactly what they should be doing each day to reach their fitness goals. Your trainer will then track your efforts online and adjust your plan accordingly to maximize your progress.

Choose online training if:

  • You have some experience working out but need a routine to stay on track
  • You are self-motivated enough to work out with limited personal contact with your trainer
  • You prefer to work out alone without being supervised
You’ve been thinking about hiring a personal trainer for a while now, right? Well go on, now’s your chance to actually do it!

Special Programs

In addition to personal training programs, LEEP Fitness also offers some unique programs designed specifically for certain audiences.

Check back for more information when these programs become available.

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Here are your basic options. Which one is gonna make you take the LEEP?

Private Training

One-on-one training in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Just me, myself, and I... and my trainer.

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Small Group Training

Workout alongside a partner or group of friends.

Give me a little help from my friends.

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Online Training

A comprehensive fitness plan that you can access anywhere, anytime.

I like my training served online.

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